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Holy Cross College, 1966

Holy Cross College, 1966

Holy Cross College, 2013

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Hello, and welcome to my eFolio home page. My name is Lindsay Romeo and I am completing my senior year at Holy Cross College in Notre Dame, Indiana. I will graduate with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business and Communication, along with a minor in Marketing. My eFolio is a reflection of my time at Holy Cross.

  "Make your life a mission,
not an intermission."
-Arnold H. Glasgow

Throughout my experience at Holy Cross, I have learned the importance of having a personal mission and living life with purpose. Making life a mission means having meaningful goals and making daily decisions which reflect one's values. The mission statement of the College is: "Holy Cross College is a Catholic community of higher education that forms competent minds and courageous hearts for leading purposeful lives. The college advances the apostolic mission of the Brothers of Holy Cross through a practical, experiential, liberal arts curriculum that applies timeless principles to contemporary life in the world." 

The tradition of Holy Cross is special. Through the years of expansion and change the College, and the people behind it, have never lost sight of their mission; to educate hearts and minds of the people they serve.  Every graduate completes four different pillars, or experiences, during their time here: the Service Learning Experience, Global Experience, Professional Internship, and Capstone Presentation.  

I am grateful to have had uncommon (think Miracle) experiences which challenged me inside and outside the classroom.  Thank you to the friends who have inspired me and professors who have been my mentors - so many people who have shaped my life impermeably and forever.   Thank you for taking the time to view my eFolio.

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This is a video about the history of Holy Cross in honor of Brother John Paige, CSC, as he became the president of the college in 2011.  This video also describes Holy Cross and their unique mission.

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